Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Beginning...

5x7   Happy Meadow   ArtRage

This is a painting I used from Karen Margulis PSA.  Her blog entry for this painting can be found at:  Karen is a wonderful pastel painter that has been painting for many years and gives lessons in her studio.  She has been gracious enough to post videos on YouTube too on how she does her paintings.  A very valuable resource can be found here: Karen Margulis - YouTube.

Currently I am using ArtRage and some of the results are promising.  The lack of being able to use the pastel as a straight line like a real pastel has on its side is becoming a problem though.  I may have to get some help from the ArtRage forum on how to go about using a stencil, a form of a brush, to get straight edges using the pastel engine of the software.  I have not been impressed with stencils in ArtRage (AR) and have considered going into PhotoShop (PS) to accomplish real pastel brushes.  Creating or finding brushes in PS are far easier to accomplish.  And, maybe the engine in PS works better than AR for pastels?  There is a user on that feels that PS has a better output than AR.  The jury is out.

This first attempt at pastels using software came out just dandy.  I have painted using real pastels before but I wanted to try them in the digital realm.  It has promise!