Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Contour Design Shuttle Pro V.2

I took a chance and ordered the above said item and installed it on Sunday on my iMac. Since then I have been using it to drive ArtRage and I think I am impressed and disappointed too. Here are the Pros:
1) Setup is a breeze on my iMac.

2) The software makes sense.

3) Built well.

4) Came timely from Amazon.

5) Changes take place immediately when updating the software. An ArtRage reboot is not required.

6) Works great!

And now for the Cons (and maybe ArtRage specific):
1) I do not care for the outer jog ring using ArtRage. I think I disabled it because nothing really works well with it. The outer ring is spring loaded to come back to the zero point on the ring and nothing in ArtRage really stands to benefit from this kind of action. At lease as far as I can think of. You can easily change keyboard shortcuts in AR but nothing lends itself to this kind of action.

2) The inner shuttle dial works well; but, in some ways it is easier to use a button that holds down the shift key while you drag with your stylus left or right to change the size of your brush. I'm not sure that I will use the shuttle. Maybe I need to retrain myself? I am so used to using the shift key to do this action that it is a hard habit to break. At least AR only controls the brush size and not the opaque setting like PS does. I find this action strange. But it is probable just me. Matt Hohr does not change Opaqueness in PS, He changes Flow Rate. A downside to using PS because you cannot assign this action to the shift key. AR does not support keyboard shortcuts to the softness setting using the pastel brush. That's a bummer because I do change the softness a lot.

This may not be the Pro V.2's fault. It may just work better using audio/video software that stands to benefit from a jog/shuttle wheel. I'm not so sure it is the V.2's fault at all. That is my thoughts after two days use. It may change and if it does, then I will post an update!

Here's a picture of the unit: