Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

What a wonderful relaxing day!  I had the house to myself (except Hannah and Duncan barked at me a lot today), a bird in the oven (Gertude; we name ours!), stuffing, green bean casserole, and mashed potatoes.  It was yummy! The turkey came out perfect and I will have plentiful meals for the next week.  Oh my, I forgot: gravy... It tasted great!

I did some color studies this morning.  I worked on value colors and how they relate to landscapes. I divided a picture into eight different values, which represents 11.11 different segments from zero to one hundred. Then I started to apply those value changes to sky, background, mid-ground and foreground. In the four different divisions of a primitive landscape I attempted to have the values in each section depict relative changes.  As in; I gave the sky three different values, mid-ground three different values, etc.  When I was done painting the blurred landscape it made sense and looked, correct.

I also played with luminosity settings (value) using the color picker and experimented with using all kinds of different hue's that used the same luminosity. All the colors looked great together. But the value's stayed the same. It was great fun to play with. 

This taught me to look at other peoples paintings and visualize what works and what doesn't. Here is a great post about value relationships and landscapes: The only thing the author left out is in the immediate foreground. Usually most painters will have the grass line darker.  Like Karen's latest image: Thankful 18x24 (Karen Margulis). An excellent painting that shows everything done properly using correct values through out the painting and all values are in their proper place. A well done work of art!

Hopefully tonight I will get better sleep so that I will be ready to paint some paintings tomorrow. Copies, no originals yet, but I have so much to learn. You think you've got it then when that blank canvas is looking at you, sneering at you, your knowledge base goes right out the window!