Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Afterglow of Autumn

9x12   Autumn Glow   ArtRage

This is also another painting I used from Karen Margulis PSA. Her blog entry for this painting can be found at: If you go to her link you will see how this painting "should be" painted. Her ability of doing natural paint strokes using real pastel puts my work to total shame. I have once again got to start somewhere! This painting is to exact. To many lines are going on. Not enough painterly strokes are happening.  It's to predictable. But I like it enough to post it here.

Using ArtRage the default pastel brush only allows you to use the tip of the chalk and not the side of the chalk. I hope with the latest release of AR they update this feature. There is no way that I can get the lines to appear like Karen's picture gets:

Karen Margulis - Quiet Contemplation

Someday I hope to paint this wonderful painting! She has this one nailed. Notice the brush strokes in the water that have that straight edge to them? I am currently not able to get that effect in AR. She uses the edges of the pastel chalk to her advantage. Something I am struggling getting using AR.