Sunday, November 20, 2016

Photoshop Tutorials

Today, I spent my time investigating using PS again.  I contacted Matt Kroh of Ctrl+Paint and he was very helpful.  Matt is an expert painter that uses PS professionally and his work shows it.  He told me that learning PS would be a bumpy ride but the trip is worth the travels.  His teaching of PS is very insightful and informative when I watch his videos.

Matt gave me the link to another painter's pastel paint brushes (Kyle Webster: and they work great in PS!  Pastels with lines - woohoo!  I should be able to get the sides of pastels and the end tips now too.

So, the one downside with PS is that when you paint there aren't canvases with texture. The surface will always remain flat. You can add a texture to the output of the painting to give it a textured look but when you paint you don't get that texture feel when you paint with the brush. Not that you feel it in the pencil but how the pastel reacts with the paper. That granularity in the painting process is gone.

And the keyboard shortcuts are so lame in PS... Sometimes you just know that this is not a painting program, it is a "I can everything, and paint to program". I am just whining.  I know it.

I don't have any paintings to post today.  I'm tired, miss my wife, Hannah doesn't feel well (our 6 pound Yorkie) and it's Sunday.  Well at least no meteors landed in the front yard taking out my god damn truck!
Men in Black and Edger

He is such a bigot!  But it is so funny how depressing he is!