Monday, November 21, 2016

Keyboard Shortcuts and PS/AR

I spent the day looking around for keyboard shortcuts for both programs. I watched several videos from Matt Kroh at Matt also turned me onto A great place that has all kinds of textures that can be used for painting.  The textures are made to be repeatable so the edges always line up.

I continued doing research into if I want to use AR or PS.  In AR I was only using the chalk pastel. I didn't realize that the wax pastel allows blending as you paint. That maybe a better way of doing certain brush strokes since it will blend as I paint. But, it may be harder to control. I will need to experiment with this feature.

PS sure is a different duck that is for sure. It probable works great and better than AR but man the setup kills you. And the pastels do not use the canvas as a texture. Maybe it is just different?

I need to decide which tool I am going to work with and stick with it. Then after a month if I do not get the results that I like, switch. Maybe after two months; to really learn the tool. I am thinking that AR will be my choice. It just makes more sense right now. I have accomplished semi-respectable paintings with it. What do you think?

I have until this Thursday night to make my decision, then it is time to paint.  That leaves me with three days this weekend to crank out some paintings. I will need to line up my next three references to use for painting. "I've got to mister!"