Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Step 2 of my next painting

Here is my next painting "Her Hillside" (NOT COMPLETED):
 2732 x 1355 pixels using Corel Painter 2017

This painting is going to be a simple painting. The image is the half done version after about two days work. Hopefully I will accomplish this painting before I leave. The figure of the lady on the hillside will be in the open spot in the grass. I still need to let the overall painting marinate. I'm not there yet and won't be painting tonight. It is time to start the list against what I have so far. Painting her will be new for me. A first. The first person I have painted. I will put her on her own layer so that I can tweak it. I am also thinking of creating another top layer(s) that will hold textures on them to give the painting a more painterly feel. The new version of painter supports this new feature and I'm excited to try it out. We shall see.

Wish me luck!