Saturday, January 28, 2017

Watercolor and Landscapes

I haven't been taking a break, honest. My latest attempt below is from the great Peter Sheeler. I watched a video by him several months ago on how to paint tree branches and trunks. I stumbled across his videos again this week and oh my... I'm a subscriber now and convert. His Instagram, and Flickr images are outstanding!  Here is my version of his latest barn:

Peter Sheeler - ArtRage: 1766 x 1054

What's there now to like about this painting? It was his idea not mine. His is better but I'm learning and his painting style is very easy for me for some reason. 

More will follow in this style. Below is my second painting imitation. I don't care for the watercolor version that I did. I did it a second time in pastels and its better but not 100% to my liking:

Peter Sheeler - ArtRage: 2100 x 1500

I am enjoying this painting style. It comes out easy for me. I need easy right now. Work is kicking my rear-end and the painting must not distract me from my living. It's a place to go to that is safe and fun!