Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I have not given up!

No way have I given up. I have been busy learning. Have you given up? I hope not! The last two months I have been very active at work. And, I have been actively painting too. I have started two digital paintings and then stopped mid-way through the process (maybe three paintings?). I have the feeling until I get my niche way of painting this is going to happen.

My latest Peter Sheeler painting that I painted I really like (see below). I have this painting on my desktop computers as the background and I don't get tired of looking at it. The painting went so easily for me too. I think I have to listen to that.

The last three attempts at paintings were all forms of Peter's watercolors. Two issues that popped up for me: I over detail the paintings and I end up using pastels and ruining them.

Drawing the pen portion of the paintings is very abstract. I have not learned yet how to draw in an abstract fashion. My mind wants to detail to death the image I am using as a reference. That is not what painting is supposed to be. Painting is supposed to be an abstraction of reality. If I wanted real I could take a picture and be done. Been there, liked it, but did not love it.

For some reason my upbringing is telling me that painting in watercolors is not really painting. Child finger painting? No pain, no gain? Just add water? Peter's method is too simple? His method is painting by numbers? If it is so bad then why does he sell his paintings regularly on EBay and he has 40,000 subscribers? His videos receive hundreds of likes. Watercolor? Really? Just add water? How can this be? But the more I look at my copy of the lighthouse I love it. It is detailed, abstract, colorful, vague, and has dimension. My best painting to date. I must listen to my feelings and trust them.

This last week I received from Amazon the same tools and paints that Peter is using and I am trying to get up enough nerve to start painting real paintings. I took a piece of 5 x 7 paper at work and quickly started the pen portion of the lighthouse and it worked. I was able to dry the lighthouse. I was amazed! My hands could actually draw the lighthouse! There is really something to the Peter Sheeler school of technology. Thank you Peter for opening up my eyes!