Monday, May 8, 2017

How am I going to fix this one?

I started another beach painting and I have made a few mistakes. And, I think I know where I have gone wrong. I re-watched some of Daniel's videos and he is doing it correctly. He only uses one layer, he is keeping it painterly, and paints on top of his sketch.

With the image below I make some critical mistakes. The biggest being that I started using multiple layers. While in digital painting that seems like it works well for resolving mistakes, in real painting you can't very effectively blend the colors. Watch some of Daniels works. Either in PS or ArtRage for him; it's the same thing. One layer and the brushes/paint mix nicely. Two layers like I have done below and it doesn't work. I will remove the second "clouds" layer and paint directly on the sky layer that I had created. I think that will solve the issue. It's worth a shot. I do not like the direction the painting has gone. Maybe I will rename the "sky" layer to "painting" and learn my lesson from a pro? LOL!

I will use a pencil from now on for the sketching portion of the painting and will paint directly on the sketch afterwards. Keeping it painterly and undoing initial mistakes when I stray from the lines is what I should be doing.

I don't think my mistakes are my fault. Every painter paints differently and I am getting confused by the different techniques by other painters. I need to stick with Daniels technique for the time being. His look of paintings is what I am after. His and Rob's.