Wednesday, May 10, 2017

It's coming along...

The result of working on the "cloud" I think has paid off! It is not 100% to my liking but it is time to move on. This painting is taking longer than I expected. And, it is becoming to realistic and not painterly enough.

While watching Daniels painting of his wife, at the end he cleans up the painting by making some larger strokes that are in a painterly fashion. This gives his final output the look of a real oil painting that I think works nicely. Now with this painting I think I am going to stumble. This image will not lend itself to being painterly due to its size and scope as an image. To much detail will be lost unless I paint the crap out of it at the end and add thousands of painterly/impressionistic strokes. I'm not sure where it is headed and I am backing off painting for the moment. I'm not feeling it. Here it is at the moment:

Not bad when I am looking at it this morning for the first time! Nothing jumps out at me that is wrong. I won't give up then!