Friday, May 12, 2017

Painting #30

I think I'm getting better?

Earlier this week I went through all of my photos looking for paintings I have painted. Twenty Nine? No way. And now this one. Number Thirty. Where is this leading me? My first painting was painted on January 4th, 2014. That is 1,224 days ago. So in 1,224 days I have painted thirty paintings. "Huh". That represents one painting every 41 days.

Should I paint more? Considering that, in that amount of time I have been actively painting for a total of thirty days. That's another "huh" moment.

I finished the latest painting, and I had such high hopes. Looking at it now after it has marinated a bit today it's just okay. I really hope I get to the point I am really as proud of my paintings as I want to be. But, yet, that time has not arrived for me.

I learned volumes with this painting and that is what every good artist must do. Learn for the future.

Blue Beach