Friday, May 19, 2017

Thank you Daniel!

Artwork mimicked from Daniel Ibanez's YouTube channel. Thank you Daniel! I know you are going to be posting a YouTube video on how to paint in a painterly fashion and I look forward to it. I re-watched every step of the video you posted and noted every brushes settings. The biggest thing I took from the video was that the brush size was very large. Much larger than I would normally do. Ever!

I did some reading over at WetCanvas and searched for "painterly" and one of the posters mentioned holding the brush at the end and to use a much larger brush than you normally would. This helps the painter paint with a gentle touch and in an abstract fashion.

Enough gibberish on my part. Here is my quick rendition of Daniels painting. All done in ArtRage, no Photoshop:

Thanks again Daniel! By the way, I own two Ibanez guitars! I have been playing Ibanez guitars since 1974.